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Uta Naleppa-Clausen
90482 Nürnberg

Tel. ++49 – (0)911–50 35 89
Fax ++49 – (0)911–50 35 51
E-Mail uta.clausen@web.de

Professional language service provision combined with
the specialist knowledge of our customers’ fields of activity

The professional title “translator” and “interpreter” is legally not bound to a mandatory special training or to university studies, nor is it protected by law.
The degree of a “graduate translator” and a “graduate interpreter” though is a degree conferred by a German University. The universities provide an excellent academic translators and interpreters education.  

In the capacity of a Graduate Interpreter, I provide the following services:

Conference Interpreting:

- Simultaneous Interpreting
- Consecutive Interpreting
- Whispered simultaneous interpreting
- "On-site interpreting" or "face-to-face-interpreting"
Moreover, I am

sworn and publicly commissioned as a translator and an interpreter
for the English, French and Spanish language

by the President of the Regional Court of Mainz.

In the capacity of an interpreter for the English language, sworn and publicly commissioned, I work in the following fields:

- for lawyers when it comes to consulting clients
- hearing of witnesses, hearing of parties or an expert before the Office or by the police
- in negotiations preparing legal agreements
- in out-of-court procedures
- for notarial executions or authentications, interpreting for a notary public

Since I am an accredited interpreter and translator, I can provide translations for legal equivalence.



In my capacity as a Graduate Translator, I concentrate to what my customers come to me for:

professional services and specialist translations.
A good translation is a matter of confidence. Can you tell a bad translation from a good one, particularly if the language concerned is not your mother tongue?

Due to many years of experience, I am especially familiar with the following fields of activity:

- legal translations
- industry and engineering - renewable energy
- Information technology
- medical science, biomedical engineering
- international organisations, EU  
- economy, trade - global trade, marketing research  
- law / administration
- Courts/Justice, police
- Commercial law, contract law


Please contact me
E-Mail: uta.clausen@web.de
Telephone ++49 – (0)911 – 50 35 89
Fax ++49 – (0)911 – 50 35 51

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